We composed an evaluation on QuickFlirt.com very nearly 4 years back in November 2014.The huge real question is Quick Flirt however a fraud? The clear answer is indeed,, they may be however using the same techniques instance acquiring fake emails, and phony quick communications. At the conclusion of the day the outcome are the same you will never meet any genuine females selecting casual hookups and all of that type of material. The analysis we did in 2014 however is true nowadays, 4 years afterwards. You are wondering the way the hell can this dating website that is not also legitimate still be running four many years later on? That is the question unfortuitously we do not have the response to that. All we are able to carry out is alert folks relating to this site and assist by distributing the phrase share this on social networking that assist get the phrase out so they can not hide during the shadows any longer.

QuickFlirt continues duping and conning as many people as they can. It’s hard to understand the reason why the Federal Trade Commission has enabled this fraud to go on for at least 4 years (otherwise a lot longer). Federal government firms are supposed to be truth be told there to protect their residents but some instances it appears as though they do nothing at all to eliminate attackers, corruption or other kinds of deceit in the community.

Therefore, your record we purchased you to not ever utilize QuickFlirt.com. If you have any personal expertise with this specific site kindly keep an opinion below therefore we might help the neighborhood gain knowledge out of your knowledge about the site.

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